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Total Fitness is locally owned and operated and has been since it began in 1993.

Here at Total Fitness, we strive to help you maintain a healthy balance between your workout goals and your life. That’s why we have created such a wide array of different workout options for you. From twice a week for 30 minutes each session to almost every day, more rigorous routines, we give you all the choices you could possibly need or want in a gym.

We understand that many women prefer to work out in a private area away from men. Because of this, we have a Private Ladies ONLY Area available. It provides women with virtually all of the same things as the Coed Club.

You don’t have to leave the kids at home while you’re working out! Our play area for little ones includes free wifi and we provide a live video feed of your children on televisions throughout the facility. This way you can keep your eyes on them at all times!

We also believe in offering all of our members full access to our gym 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Now, all you need to do is decide when it’s best for you to come and do your fitness thing! Give us a call at 937-773-9133 to schedule a quick tour of our facility and see how WE can meet YOUR needs.

If you are interested in losing weight and are looking for added motivation and accountability in your weight loss journey, then we have a few options for you:

  • Our 20/30 Fast Track Plan allows you to lose up to 20 pounds in 30 days while addressing the 7 hormones that prevent many of us from being able to lose weight. It is a very structured plan that gives you FAST results and leaves you feeling better than you have in years.
  • Our Thin & Healthy Program is PERFECT for those who want variety! Our members who join Thin & Healthy find that it is the TOTAL SOLUTION to their weight loss needs. They lose 2-7 pounds every week while eating real food (not boxed stuff) and learning to retrain their metabolism, as well as their lifestyle, and way of thinking about food and fitness. Don’t spend another dime on any other weight loss program or “quick fix” without at least coming in for an absolutely free, no obligation Metabolism Evaluation first. Call and ask to schedule your appointment with us at 778-9000..